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Let’s not just talk about compliance, let’s talk about making your business more efficient and effective at delivering outcomes


In the world of government funded delivery, whether it’s ESFA, DWP, ESF or anything else, organisations can get bogged down in compliance and miss the bigger picture. It’s about an organisation that can perform strongly and deliver the outcomes expected of the contract.


The ESFA have recently released guidance on their oversight of Independent Training Providers and we thought this would be a great time to take a step back and consider a few vital points that make any training organisation robust and successful. Here’s the top 5 in no particular order;


1.       Track learner progression

2.       Regular observation of teaching and learning along with standardisation meetings

3.       Keep the team together and focused on the learners

4.       Control your data effectively

5.       Be honest with yourself and have a critical friend who’ll tell you exactly what they think


You may think they are pretty basic, but we think they are the foundations to any successful training organisation.


The spectre of Ofsted, the QAA or a data audit shouldn’t spur you on to improve. You should be thinking about the quality of the service and provision you’re delivering to learners and employers, no matter if they are funded through a funding stream or privately funded.


We’re able to support you to deliver as an organisation to become a high performing provider with the learner at heart all while meeting your contractual requirements.


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